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Business Telephone Systems

Over the past 20 years and more we have successfully installed business telephone systems in offices and businesses not just in the Oxford and London area but also across the South East and the UK as a whole.

As well established business telephone systems consultants Commswise have built up a vast amount of experience and expertise. We use this to ensure our clients get the correct business telephone systems and solutions to fully meet their own individual requirements.

We have provided business telephone systems consultancy for organisations both large and small. 

We have supplied telephone systems and solutions to:

• Hotels, corporate sized businesses
• Small emerging (SME) companies
• Non-commercial organisations. 

These companies are based in  Oxford, Swindon, Aylesbury, Bicester, Abingdon and throughout the UK. Although we are based in Oxford we do not confine ourselves just to the Oxford or London area.

Commswise have the experience and the capability to provide full service solutions around business telephone systems which includes all the software applications; such as voicemail & call handling and call management e.g. logging and stats. as well as the hardware elements.

Commswise are independent business telephone systems consultants. In order to provide our clients with the best possible consultancy services and advice on telephone systems we are not affiliated to one particular telephone systems manufacturer. 

Commswise will provide the required business telephone system to meet your company’s needs. 

We are currently working most closely with the following popular business telephone systems manufacturers: 

• Samsung
• Panasonic
• Avaya
• Alcatel

Though clearly if your requirements can be better met by a different vendor then we will recommend, supply and manage the installation. 

Commswise are independent, therefore not affiliated to one particular manufacturer. We have vast experience and use this to ensure our customers get the correct equipment tailored to their individual requirements.

Commswise can provide:


The OfficeServ 7000 series has been designed to deliver advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single IP platform with a requirement of up to 480 users, compatible with analog, digital or SIP trunks....

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Panasonic has been a brand leader for the last 20 years . It is reliable, easy to use and well priced.
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Analogue KXTES range

KX-TES308/824  (analogue lines -up to 24 users)

NS700 Unified Comms

NS1000  Unified Comms


NS700  ( hybrid & IP  -up to 288 users)

NS1000  ( pure IP -up to 1000 users)



Other manufacturers can be provided if you would like an alternative system. Just let us know which one and we will supply it.

Business Telephone System add-ons.

We have a comprehensive supply of business telephone systems with enhanced functionality. These can be fully integrated or added on. These include:

Messages on hold: a useful tool to tell callers about other aspects of your business/useful information whilst they are waiting on hold instead of dreary music or worse nothing at all
Voicemail & Call Handling: ensuring calls are handled efficiently and directed correctly. The worst thing in any business is lost or missed calls. We offer cost effective tools to eradicate this. For example using an auto attendant to queue a call or something as simple as redirecting an unanswered call to an external answering service
Cordless telephony: cordless solutions to give your site total coverage and the ability to easily contact key staff. Can be on DECT technology or even your wireless (WiFi) network
VoIP: Cablewise have instant solutions ready for BTs 21st Century network in 2012 where connections to the outside world will be via a data network rather than a BT line
Call management: call logging, call stats, reduce phone abuse, missed calls data, busy periods identified
UPS (back up power): This provides seamless back up in the event of a power cut. 95% of hardware failures on telephone systems are as a direct result of power outages or surges. A UPS will eliminate this.

Video and Audio conferencing:

Audio Conferencing offers large savings on time, hotel, petrol and other travel costs. You can enjoy big company benefits at lower prices by adopting audio conference technology.

Videoconferencing links people in different locations, say offices in Oxford and London, with the added dimension of interactive two-way video. It allows you to have a meeting as if you were face-to-face but without the need to travel. You can converse quickly and easily with colleagues located at other offices, customers or suppliers. Videoconferencing can help you save time and money and still have a face-to-face meeting. 

For more information on these subjects; Video and Audio Conferencing and Business Telephone Systems please call us on Oxford (01865) 841166 or use our Contact form. We'd be delighted to hear from you.


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